We are always looking to expand our staff base. We provide all staff with the opportunity to extend their learning wherever possible to encompass all aspects of the Health & Social Care Setting. We strive to offer a comprehensive and exciting training program for all staff to follow to ensure they feel totally in control of their role and their future prospects within the company.

Our staff are recruited, supported and trained to:

  •  Treat people with dignity and respect
  •  Focus on people’s potential and strengths
  •  Value each person as a unique individual
  •  Listen non-judgementally to people’s experiences
  •  Be genuinely concerned for the person’s wellbeing
  •  Be creative and innovative when supporting someone to realise their potential.

All training required to fulfil your job is funded by Innova House and we pay for all time spent on training courses.

We offer a variety of sector-leading staff incentives for our highest performing colleagues.

Please call us for details of our current vacancies. Alternatively, please email us on